Twelve Sidelong Glances is a painting installation that deals with the notion of space, perspective, and the act of seeing.  It expands the idea of what a painting practice can be by extending it  beyond the limits of the conventional picture plane onto the actual exhibition space.  In dialogue with the architecture of the space, it includes how one's body navigates the space and encounters the paintings, and engages both memory and imagination into the viewing experience.  Through a series of mirroring and doubles, switches in scale; spaces within spaces, pictures within pictures, the gap between language, perception, and the sense of perspective is activated.  An animated AutoCAD rendering of the virtual exhibition is projected onto an architectural fragment of the room so that linguistic, imaginary, represented, and real overlap one another; intermixing the idea of the representation of space, the illusion of space on a flat surface, and the bodily sense perception of space through perspective and point of view.